CSort is the leading company among color
sorter manufacturers in Russia
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CSort is the leading company among color
sorter manufacturers in Russia
Smartsort Color Sorter
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Smartsort Color Sorter


he new generation of optical sorters manufactured by the Russian Company CSort Ltd.

Smartsort is designed to sort a wide range of bulk stocks not only according to their color but also according to their shape and texture. The production capacity of Smartsort varies from 50 kilograms up to 12 tons per hour depending on the product to be sorted.

The combination of innovations and the most modern components of the best quality, together with the long-term experience in designing the photoelectron sorters allowed us to create a new model of the color sorter capable of solving the most complicated sorting tasks with maximum performance and convenience.

100% quality of the apparatus is ensured by the quality control at all manufacturing stages. The compliance with the safety standards is confirmed by the CE Certificate.

Parameter Smartsort 1 Smartsort 2 Smartsort 3
1 Channels 54 108 162
2 Production capacity (wheat), tons per hour, min * 4 8 12
3 Cleanness coef., %, min * 99,5
4 CCD-matrix resolution (per chute), pixel 2048
5 Power voltage, V 220±5%
6 Power line frequency, Hz 50±1
7 Nominal power, kW 0,6 0,8 1,0
8 Air pressure, MPa 0,6
9 Air consumption for the technical process, m3/h, max 65 130 195
10 Environment temperature, °С from 5 to 40
11 Relative air humidity at 25 °С, % from 20 to 80
12 Air consumption for aspiration, m3/h, max 1800
13 Dimensions, mm, max: length 1488
width 1500
height 1980
14 Weight, kg, max 550 600 650
15 Electric shock protection class I
16 IP of the electric equipment IP54
17 Service life, years 5
18 Period of storing, years, max 2
19 Operational life, h 41000
20 Noise level at the workplace, dBA, max 80
21 Workplace level of vibration acceleration corrected by frequency, dB, max 100

* With initial impurity level less than 2%, reject is max 300 kg/h and bulk weight of the product is 0.750 t/m3. Production capacity depends on the kind and percentage of the impurity content in the product to be sorted.

Any model can be completed with NIR, RGB or InGaAs cameras depending on requirements to sorting.

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