CSort is the leading company among color
sorter manufacturers in Russia
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CSort is the leading company among color
sorter manufacturers in Russia
The ZORKIY series
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The ZORKIY series


The structure of the apparatus includes the best practices of our Company. The modern electronic element base, “know how” in the sphere of algorithms for video image processing, pneumatic units of a new generation and the cutting-edge metal processing technologies constitute a distinctive feature of Zorkiy family. Our own production site enables to implement the complete production cycle. New ideas in optimization of the sorter functionality, performance characteristics, and improvement in the sorting effectiveness are immediately realized in the manufactured machines.

Zorkiy is distinguished by the following essential features:


The touch screen of the computer system with the diagonal of 15.6 inces visualizes all the functional parameters and the analyzed signal. Special functions help to display and analyze video/photo image of the particles to be sorted.


The specially designed LED-lighting with the light-emitting diodes of world leaders has service lifetime exceeding 80 000 hours which provides the sustained sorting quality over the whole lifetime of the apparatus. The combination of 4 basic lighting colors and backgrounds enables a higher sorting quality of complicated low-contrast products as compared to the traditional lighting systems. The adjustment and change of lightning are performed from the operator′s panel in a split second and don’t require intervention to the apparatus structure.


Zorkiy is equipped with universal double-sided chutes. The side with narrow grooves is intended for sorting of small-seeded products – each removed grain will be directed exactly to the stream center of the corresponding nozzle, excluding the risk to stay in the good product flow. In case of sorting of big objects, the even side of the chute with maximum performance is used.


The smart cameras of the apparatus are assembled exclusively from high-tech components produced by Kodak, Toshiba and Nikon. High-sensitivity CCD-matrixes with the resolution of 2048 pixels provide super high image detailing of the product to be sorted which guarantees precise analysis and top quality of sorting, respectively. Flexible adjustment system of the sorting algorithm analyses defects from 0,13 mm.

Ergonomic Design

Zorkiy is maximally maintenance-friendly and easy-to-use and easy-to-install. The hinged sections of the inspection system allow to easily access the most remote components of the color sorter such as chutes, branch tubes of the accept and reject product, pneumatic rod etc. for cleaning which is especially topical in case of sorting of dusty and oily products. The convenient arrangement of the control panel increases comfort when adjusting and operating the apparatus. The lightweight frame makes it easy to transport and assemble color sorter at the production line.


The reliable and high-efficiency Italian ejectors secure over four billions operations. The width of the air nozzles is 4.5 mm which provides exact elimination and concentrated rejection of the product at a low air flow rate. The ejectors are directly installed in the nozzle unit which reduces the response time on the release of the bad product. Guaranteed quality of the ejector operations amounts to 500 million cycles at the working speed. The nozzle structure provides a low air flow rate.

Block-modular Design

Zorkiy is ready to double or even triple production capacity on the basis of the already existing color sorter. This helps to save the funds threefold as compared to the purchase of a new color sorter as well as to save the area and avoid dismantling the old equipment and acquisition of additional transport mechanisms.

Level Sensors and Remote Control

The intelligent control system of the peripherals automatically monitors the apparatus operating modes, adaptively adjusting to the change of the product level in the supply hopper with the help of connectable sensors.The color sorter can be also connected to the management information system to provide remote control and monitoring of basic operation modes.


User-friendly and state-of-the-art software of the 2015 version


100% quality of the apparatus is ensured by the quality control at all manufacturing stages. The compliance with the safety standards is confirmed by the CE certificate.

Cooling and Excessive Pressure

Equipped with a built-in cooling system Zorkiy is ready for operation in hot and dusty premises, while the excessive pressure in the body prevents the sorter from dust.


The variety of cameras’ configuration of the color sorter helps to select an ideal set of inspection cameras depending on the sorting tasks. Even if you have purchased the machine of the minimum configuration you can at any moment upgrade it up to NIR and bi-chrome with maximum 4 cameras per section.


Ethernet technology significantly simplifies Internet connection of the apparatus, enabling its remote adjustment, diagnostics and operation.

Energy Efficiency

Nominal power consumption doesn’t exceed 1 kW depending on the configuration.


Model Range and Technical Characteristics

Parameter Zorkiy 1 Zorkiy 2 Zorkiy 3
1 Channels 54 108 162
2 Production capacity (wheat), tons per hour, min * 4 8 12
3 Cleanness coef., %, min ** 99,5
4 CCD-matrix resolution (per chute), pixel 2048
5 Power voltage, V 220±5%
6 Power line frequency, Hz 50±1
7 Nominal power, kW 0,6 0,8 1,0
8 Air pressure, MPa 0,6
9 Air consumption for the technical process, m3/h, max 65 130 195
10 Environment temperature, °С from 5 to 40
11 Relative air humidity at 25 °С, % from 20 to 80
12 Air consumption for aspiration, m3/h, max 1800
13 Dimensions, mm, max: length 1480
                                   width 1511
                                   height 2000
14 Weight, kg, max 470 500 530
15 Electric shock protection class I
16 IP of the electric equipment IP54
17 Service life, years 5
18 Period of storing, years, max 2
19 Operational life, h 41000
20 Noise level at the workplace, dBA, max 80
21 Workplace level of vibration acceleration corrected by frequency, dB, max 100

* Production capacity depends on the kind and percentage of the impurity content in the product to be sorted.
** With initial impurity level less than 2%, reject is max 300 kg/h and bulk weight of the product is 0.750 t/m3.
Any model can be completed with NIR, RGB or InGaAs cameras depending on requirements to sorting.


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