CSort is the leading company among color
sorter manufacturers in Russia
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CSort is the leading company among color
sorter manufacturers in Russia

German company bought an updated color sorter by CSort at the exhibition in Hannover

Russian innovative company CSort presented its equipment at the world’s largest trade fair for agricultural machinery & equipment Agritechnica-2017 in Hannover. As a result, a German company bought a color sorter SmartSort in a complete set. Further machines will be delivered to the European clients in the first half of next year. Also successful was the presentation of a new innovative belt sorter Horizont. A Russian company from the Southern Federal District pre-ordered two machines, the serial production of which will be launched in 2018.

For the first time, CSort participated in Agritechnica in 2015. In 2017 Russian innovative company was already seen as an experienced market player, says Maksim Savinkov, CEO of CSort:

– In two years since our first participation in Agritechnica, the company delivered 40 color sorters to Europe. At the same time, we opened 9 representative offices abroad and solved a high priority task – set up full customer service for European clients. The presentation of the Horizont also showed company’s development: the new machine allows sorting new product types, for example, seafood and dehydrated fruits. Although Agritechnica is not dedicated to such equipment, we managed to find clients interested in the Horizont.

CSort shared the exhibition hall with other global color sorter manufacturers. Russian Export Center helped with the design of the exhibition stand.

– CSort was the only color sorter manufacturer from Russia at this trade fair. And we are one of the few, who are ready to showcase the equipment in service right at the stand. The CSort managers were encouraging the potential clients to bring samples of any bulk stock for a test sort right in the hall, – says the head of foreign trade department Alexander Starkov, – sorting of small seeds of different herbs is highly requested in Europe this year, companies want to prepare a high-quality seed stock. We sorted seeds of different flowers, anise, caraway, camelina. A lot of samples we saw for the first time, but after a few adjustments, our sorters coped with the task.

The most unusual sample brought a representative of a Latvian company: it was bee pollen. The grains were half-size of a rice seed and differed in color. The machine picked only yellow elements, thus allowing the seller to ask three times higher price for this pollen. No one else at the trade fair dared to meet that challenge. Another difficult product to sort was a mix of wheat and rye, but we successfully dealt with this task as well.

According to the company, European customers always thoroughly analyze and compare equipment from different manufacturers to make an optimal decision. So did the representatives of a company from Halle, Germany. After a detailed comparison, the client chose SmartSort in a complete set. This company specializes in storing, drying, cleaning of different crops. That includes preparing seed stocks, also fine-grained. The company bought CSort machine to process large volumes of different bulk stock.

According to Maksim Savinkov, aside from signed agreements, the trade fair brought ca. 300 potential clients that are interested in buying optical sorters. The company will continue to work with them within the next six months. Moreover, CSort is already preparing for Agritechnica-2019.

CSort, LLC is a leading Russian producer of optical sorters with 9 representative offices abroad (Dresden, Germany; Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria; Poznan, Poland; Olomouc, the Czech Republic; Shiraz, Iran; Rivne, Kharkiv, Ukraine; Cape Town, South Africa; Dundalk, Ireland). 40% of the entire production is exported. CSort equipment is well-known in 25 countries. For 10 years CSort has already accomplished about 650 projects which every hour clean more than a thousand tons of wheat, 800 tons of seeds and cereals from different impurities.