CSort is the leading company among color
sorter manufacturers in Russia
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CSort is the leading company among color
sorter manufacturers in Russia


First color sorters were used mainly for rice sorting, while modern machines have the expanded range of capacities. As of today color sorting technology can be applied in respect to any bulk stock with contaminations different in color. It makes color sorter multi-purpose equipment in terms of application field. Sorting of grains, grits, seeds, nuts, berries and even mushrooms is easily doable with the help of color sorting equipment.

Significantly improving the quality state-of-the-art digital technologies are highly efficient for foodstuff sorting alongside with the sorting of nonfood products like plastic. Simple software in Russian enables usage of great number of programs and quick readjustment of the machine to the new product.

Quickly and efficiently separating good product from various contaminants color sorters are used for sorting of the grain and almost any other crop. As a contamination we specify broken or infected grains, Fusarium grains, seeds of wild and domestic plants, stalk parts etc. Such contaminations do not differ from the good grain in any parameter but the color. Still they are sometimes hazardous for our organism. Moreover, the machine can solve the problems never solved before like separation of impurities being hard to separate like Tartary bindweed, unhulled buckwheat from the hulled one, oatgrass from the oats, field pea from the pea, glass from the rice. Grain sorting is definitely done at the top level.

The web-page does not contain full information concerning applications and typical contaminants. To get more info about the product you are interested in, please, send us your samples or visit our service center. Our engineers will make necessary sampling before and after the sorting, show you how the color sorter works and answer all your questions.

If at the moment you are not interested in purchasing the sorter or investments in such equipment are not of top priority, you can always use the sorting service from CSort company. For more information, please, contact us.

Color sorting can be efficiently applied in industrial enterprises.

One of the topical issues of the modern world is recycling. Secondary use of the recycled garbage and wastes is one of the branches where color sorters are successfully used. Sorting of plastics, glass, minerals and domestic wastes is one of the steps to prepare the raw materials for further processing.

It also concerns sorting of different type of recycled plastic, such as ground flakes (plastic bottles and packing materials), pellets etc. Even slight color deviations, like pellets of light-blue in the total mass of the white ones, could be classified as a sorting parameter and eliminated from the good product, thus increasing the quality of the finished goods and at the same time reducing its cost value.

Recycling of glass can serve as another good example of how multifunctional a color sorter may be. Up to 90 % of glassware is currently manufactured from the recycled glass. However, the quality of the finished product stays at really high level due to the sorting processes which comply with the up-standard technological requirements.