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CSort is the leading company among color
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Wheat — a genus of herbal, mostly annual plants of the family Gramineae, or bluegrass, the leading cereal crop in many countries, including Russia.

There are thousands varieties of wheat, and their classification is rather complicated, but there are only two main types — hard and soft wheat.

Soft and hard wheat varieties have a lot in common, but clearly differ in the number of features that are important for the use of flour.

In flour processed from soft wheat starch kernels are larger and softer, their texture is thinner and crispier, it contains less gluten and absorbs less water. Such flour is used mainly for baking pastry instead of bread, since the products crumble and quickly harden.

In the flour from hard wheat starch kernels are smaller and firmer, their texture is fine, gluten content is relatively high. This flour is called «strong», it absorbs large amounts of water and serves primarily for baking.

Flour, semolina, and other food products are made of wheat. Sodium glutamate was first obtained from wheat protein. Glutamate is a flavor enhancer substance which is widely used in Japan in the soy sauce, but now it is produced mainly from the same soybean.

Grain and its wastes during harvesting (chaff, straw) and bran are fed to animals. Of straw they produce paper, movable walls, roofs, floor mats, household items.

Contaminants: stones, pieces of ore, minerals, slag; tartary buckwheat, wild oats, wild millet, buckwheat, sunflower seed, barley, oats, bindweed; grain affected by smut and spurred rye, Fusarium, spoiled or burnt grains, stems, spike cores, spine.