CSort is the leading company among color
sorter manufacturers in Russia
Sales office
CSort is the leading company among color
sorter manufacturers in Russia


The company has been developing its own color sorters since 2007.

Each year, CSort invests 10% of its turnover in development. This allows it to attract high-class professionals to create equipment – candidates and doctors of the sciences and leading information technology experts. Thanks to using the most advanced Russian scientific developments, CSort’s equipment stands out not only for its quality, but for its energy efficiency. This provides a means to save money and significantly reduce the strain on the environment. At the client’s request, the company’s equipment can control the machinery remotely, regardless of where the color sorter is located in the world.

The company has put roughly five hundred machines into operation (check locations >). They are installed at large manufacturing concerns. CSort’s equipment provides the ability to sort practically all types of bulk products by color. In 2015, CSort released the third-generation color sorter SMARTsort, created specially for the European market.

CSort’s factory is located in Russia. It includes a development center, a manufacturing complex, a quality assurance and control service, a sales office, and an international trade department.

CSort is a family business which is managed by the Savinkovy brothers. One is responsible for developing and manufacturing new color sorters, while the other is responsible for sales.

The main principle that CSort’s friendly team works by is maximum attentiveness to the customer. Our leading experts develop equipment to suit individual customers’ requirements, organize deliveries on time, and configure and test equipment. They are also available for the customer to contact throughout the entire operational lifespan of the equipment.

* as per 2014-2015 sales results

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