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About Company

CSort is the leading Russian manufacturer of equipment for sorting products by color. It has been developing its own color sorters since 2008. The company has put roughly five hundred machines into operation. They are installed at large manufacturing concerns. CSort’s equipment provides the ability to sort practically all types of bulk products by color. In 2015, CSort released the third-generation color sorter SMARTsort, created specially for the European market. Find out more CSort special offer: sorting test. You can always sort test product using the Company’s sorting machines. Up-to-date sorters and qualified experts are at your disposal.

Sales geography

CSort supplies color sorting equipment all around Russia and to 20 other countries.CSort company has territory limitations — we have deep partnership relations with the Russian companies as well as foreign companies. You can find our branch offices in Branaul, Krasnodarm Samara, Voronezh and Novosibirsk. Our dealers work in Germany (Dresden), Bulgaria (Veliko Tarnovo), Poland (Poznan), the Chech Republic (Olomouc), Ukraine (Rivne, Kharkiv).

We contact with our customers via internet and have an opportunity to send our technical specialist to the customers enterprise from any branch office.


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Every hour CSort machines sort:

On CSort color sorters, 165 tons of sunflower kernels are sorted in one hour
165 tons

sunflower kernels

On CSort color sorters, 500 tons of sunflower are sorted in one hour
500 tons

sunflower seeds

On CSort color sorters, 700 tons of various cereals are sorted in one hour
700 tons

various cereals

On CSort color sorters 1000 tons of wheat are sorted in one hour
1000 tons

CSort’s factory

CSort’s factory is located in Russia. It includes a development center, a manufacturing complex, a quality assurance and control service, a sales office, and an international trade department.

We pay great attention to our mission — equipment reliability and efficiency are the kery ellements for us. You can be sure of the color sorters quality


Family business

Innovative solutions for the best quality products

“We started our business with a small sunflower oil plant in 1997. The need to improve the quality of manufactured products led to the purchase of a color sorter, which, in turn, led to a change in the company's profile.

In 2007, we were no longer only a supplier of photo sorting equipment, but also started developing our own separator models, striving to achieve the best sorting performance. At the end of 2015, CSort had put into operation about half a thousand devices and became a leading Russian manufacturer of equipment for sorting products by color. We will be glad to show you the quality of our equipment! "

Maxim and Vitaly Savinkov,
Founders of the CSort company

CSort High Tech Exporter of the Year


Check our customers' feedback on our equipment and us as a partner. Here you can find examples of ready projects and feedback of our customers on the sorting technologies and its part in business improvement.