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8 800 222-08-45
World office:
+7 (923) 800-08-45

Modern equipment and industrial standards

Achievements in a modern machinery field are the key elements in CSort manufacturing activity.
Metalworking CSort

We use advanced metal-working equipment produced by the leading global manufacturers like TRUMPF, LISSMAC, HAAS and MECA.

Wielding equipment CSort

We use advanced welding equipment manufactured by EWM and Fronus, robots by Universal Robots.

Experimental design department CSort

The heart of the company is our highly-skilled design engineers, radiotronic specialist, IT-specialists — these specialists make us leaders in our field.

Research department CSort
Our employees have academic degrees and experience in scientific activity.
Мы в CSort уверены, что главная задача науки  делать жизнь людей качественнее, проще и удобнее уже сегодня.

Science at your service!

We believe that the main purpose of science is to make human life easier, more comfortable and better. That is why our team is full of mathematicians, engineers, IT-specialists, experienced in there job and aspired to find unique solutions to the hardest challenges. Our development department is always in search of new features to be integrated into color sorting equipment and always striving to optimize the fetures already integrated in cimmisisioned machines. CSort invests 10% of turnover into research activity, striving for the customers to have the best equipment. We also collaborate with young scientists and technical universities. CSort shares its innovative features with other companies to make human life better together.