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SMART-mode — intelligent sort setting mode by image

Meet new SMART-mode — intelligent sort setting mode by image. Achieve the best results with
the latest CSort developments.



Each section shows sorting results, including sorting quality evaluation and productivity.

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Best color sorters by CSort now available for the European farmers
28 may 2018

Best color sorters by CSort now available for the European farmers

Today CSort delivers its equipment to 25 countries as compared to 18 countries last year. There are 9 representative offices abroad where clients can see color sorters by CSort, test sort their products and get service support. Last year demonstrated that CSort made the top ten Russian companies with great export potential in the category «small business” within the national rating «TechUspech” (Technical Success). CSort already exports one-third of the manufactured color sorters and plans to double delivery volume by the end of the year. CEO and the founder Maksim Savinkov tells about the ways to achieve it.

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Clean to the last grain


CSort manufactures and develops high-presicion color sorting equipment, being a leader on a Russian market, representative of Rosspetsmash accociation (Russian Association of Specialized Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers) and Altai Krai Agriclutural Machinery Cluster.

Our technologies suit various industries: horticulture, food industry, medicine, chemical industry, minerals and salt sorting, recycling. Automatic sorting provides stability in high quality of goods and makes it possible to sort goods that have been impossible to sort before. Companies that are using color sorting equipment can control goods quality in a more effective way, dicrease the neggative influence on environment and thus have their customers become more loyal.

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Quality control and sorting innovations


Modern automatization means are the key elements in succesful color sorting processing and quality control of goods.

Computer vision with the top-of-the-line machine learning technologies and sorting parameters smart setting, when it is impossible for a person to do the quality control, are the basis of a color sorting machine.

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