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SmartSort Models

SmartSort B 1-3

Flagship color sorter from 1 to 3 chutes. High sorting capacity of highly contaminated raw material. High-quality sorting with opportunity to differe slight color gradations.

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SmartSort Models B 1-3
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SMART-mode — intelligent sort setting mode by image

Meet new SMART-mode — intelligent sort setting mode by image. Achieve the best results with the latest CSort developments.

Color sorter SmartSort B 1-3, dimensions



SmartSort B — updated flagship color sorting model that incorporates the latest developments of the company. It was designed for the clients looking for the "pinpoint" sorting accuracy even if the intial content of impurities is high and greater productivity without resorting is required.

SmartSort B color sorters achieved a strong position in the highly competitive European market. SmartSort B suits for sorting food and non-food bulk products as well as for difficult color sorting applications. Thanks to the new CSort Cloud platform, the operator is now able to monitor and control the technological process of sorting.

5400 pixels allows 0.05 mm optical resolution to detect the smallest defects. It has 2.6 times higher sorting accuracy than was before. High resolution provieds color sorters with an ability to detect and reject grains having similar color but with different textures. Moreover, now it is possible to sort by shape removing malformed or split grains.
Powerful LED lightning and low signal-to-noise ratio allow to distinguish the smallest shade differences of the products that was previously impossible.

Due to upgraded lightning it is now possible to "penetrate" inside the product and reflect its content and defects hidden from the human eye. It opens new opportunities in sorting hulled and unhulled grains, dried fruits with and without stones, mealy and vitreous wheat, and plastic by its transparency. New lightning has stable parameters. It ensures faster adjustment of the machine by transferring parameteres set to one chute to the whole machine.

CSort Cloud is a global online platform integrating system for color sorter monitoring by the CSort specialists, The system controls the productivity of the production line, raw material quality, equipment downtime, and in-time software update. It allows to provide remote equipment maintenance anywhere.

Statistics of various parameters is always available in the personal account of the online servicce to help the operator to control the machine and the whole production line where it is integrated.

CSort Cloud — less downtimes, more benefits for the user.


SmartSort B suits for sorting food and non-food bulk products as well as for difficult color sorting applications and has proved itself in more than 26 countries.

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