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Result of camelina cleaning
from impurities with color sorter

Camelina is a genus within the flowering plant family Brassicaceae. The Camelina species, commonly known as false flax, are native to Mediterranean regions of Europe and Asia.

Camelina has many positive attributes that make it unique among oil seed crops, which is the primary reason it has generated much excitement. Although seed yields and oil content are highly variable based on environment, it has outperformed rapeseed in trials under identical drought conditions. This combined with the relatively low inputs required makes Camelina an ideal crop for use on less productive lands and in areas without sufficient rainfall to support other crops. When produced under these circumstances, Camelina would not be displacing crops used for food production and positively addresses the food for fuel debate that often plagues the use of crop oils for fuel production.

Color sorters
for camelina cleaning

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