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Result of phacelia cleaning
from impurities with color sorter

Phacelia - (also known as scorpian weed) is an annual widely used in Europe, and is gaining traction in the US, with feathery leaves and fiddle-head clusters of purple blooms that make it very attractive to pollinators. It is often used in the seed mix of a cover crop. It propagates easily from seed, just sow directly on top of the soil after the last frost. Scratching the seed coat and soaking overnight can improve germination rates. Because it self-seeds so easily it can become weedy in certain areas. However, its beneficial characteristics of being an attractive pollinator plant often outway its weedy tendencies as it is easy to till back into the soil adding nitrogen. It has a taproot and dense fibrous roots as well. It is drought tolerant, prefers full sun, and withstands sandy or rocky soil. It will suffer in waterlogged conditions. It is winter hardy to 18 degrees F.

Color sorters
for phacelia cleaning

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