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Result of coffee beans cleaning
from impurities with color sorter

Coffee Beans Sorting

Do you know what makes coffee so good in the morning?

A person, who makes coffee, the way it is made and, the most important thing, the quality of the coffee beans.

Coffee beans pass through several stages before they appear in the kitchen. Almost at every stage coffee beans should be cleaned and sorted. It is impossible to earn good money without cleaning and sorting.

There are several criterias to estimate the quality of coffee beans. Color sorting of coffee beans whatever stage it is will give you great result and high quality of the raw material. You can sort green coffee beans, coffee beans that differ in characteristics (one goes for expensive coffee and other goes for making instant coffee), coffee beans that differ in the roasting level. Color sorter will help you with every task describe above.

Some facts for coffee-lovers...

The degree of roasting can change the taste of coffee even if it is the same cultivar.

1) Light roasts (light-brown in color) can have a different taste profile because the shortened roasting process prevents some chemical changes from occurring inside the bean. Origin flavors of the bean are more recognizable in light roasts since the flavors that come from the roasting process often aren’t prominent. The acidity in light roasts is often accompanied by a citrus or lemon tone which some people find pleasing to the palate.
2) Medium roasts (brown in color and oily surface) are considered to have balanced flavors. The acidity and body of a medium roast can vary but are usually somewhere in the middle. Some examples of medium roasts are House blend, Breakfast roast, and American Roast.
3) Beans roasted to medium-dark (from dark-brown to blackish-brown color) have a richer, fuller flavor, more body, and less acidity. Vienna Roast and Full-City Roast are some examples of a medium-dark roast coffee blend.
4) Dark roasts (black in color) have sweeter flavors because the sugars in the coffee beans have time to caramelize. The longer roasting process helps it to develop a richer flavor and full body, which often leads to it having a buttery finish. They also have the least acidity of all coffee roasts. Dark roasts have the least amount of caffeine because they’re roasted the longest. French roast is considered the darkest roast and has a pronounced smoky flavor. If coffee beans are roasted longer than a French roast, the oils and sugars in the bean will burn

Contaminants: stones, soil, spoiled or infected bean, quakers, overroasted beans.

Color sorters
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