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Installation and operation

The machine should be installed on the firm, preliminary leveled and vibration-free site. When planning the site of the color sorter operation you should consider passages for technical and service maintenance of the machine, as well as the place for additional equipment, for example, for aspiration. Machine does not have to be fixed to the site.

Ambient temperature in the room where the sorter operates shall not exceed the range +5…+40°С, air humidity shall not be over 65%. Dust content in the room shall be low.

The machine is recommended to be installed at the end of the purification process. In the opposite case, high content of the admixtures may decrease the efficiency of the sorting and lead to the breakdown. To avoid such situation, it is necessary to foresee sorters separating large, light, mineral admixtures and metal foreign matters.

It is necessary to keep the machine safe from the interference of intense electromagnetic fields, electric welding, high-frequency transmission etc. on site or nearby. It is also recommended to avoid the sun or fluorescent flecks or direct light on the machine. To prevent static electricity in the operation of the machine, input and output connections and suction pipes should be earth connected.

When leaving the factory, the machine is necessarily set up and tested by the manufacturer. But as a result of exposure to vibration or other circumstances the customized settings can be disturbed when transporting. CSort engineers will set up color sorter for the appropriate product and hold its testing on site. After the adjustment, it is not recommended to change the place of installation, as this may damage the operation and durability.

The company’s specialists will assist you in selection of additional equipment and provide advice and technical support at all stages of the sorter’s installation — from the drafting of preliminary design and site preparation up to commissioning works. Purchasing the color sorter, the user receives a detailed manual. The operator passes the technical training after which he can fully maintain setting and maintenance of the machine and its transfer from one product to another. Simply following the manual, you will be able to operate the color sorter for years and get maximum benefit from its work.